At Bstat we pride ourselves on the convenience and quality of our product. Our process defines who we are and is different from any other facility you will come across. We recognize how busy your schedule gets, but also the importance of maintaining your energy levels and living healthy. Read on to get a better understanding of our process.

Drive Up. Walk Up. Walk In.

Our customers are able to conveniently drive or walk up to our B12 injection facility.

First Time Customers

First time customers must complete a form with their contact information, medical history, allergy information and a little bit more (shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes).

B12 Shot

After the injection site is cleaned appropriately with alcohol, the injection administrator (a certified professional) administers the injection IM or subcutaneous at your window, facility window or inside the facility. A band-aid is applied when necessary.

Injection Records

All customers are logged into our system via tablet and records will be kept for all injections within the company.

Easy Payment

You are easily able to pay for the B12 injections via the card reader attached to the tablet. Cash and checks are also acceptable.

And You’re Done!

You can take off in a matter of minutes and our IA will service the next customer waiting.


Click the links below to download and complete these forms to get started: