What is it?

A water-soluble vitamin that is required by the body to maintain health and promote metabolism.

Why do I need it?

B 12 plays a key role in metabolic processes our bodies require to:

  • Red blood cell formation and production of hemoglobin
  • DNA synthesis in every cell in our bodies
  • Converting fats and proteins into energy
  • Helping to build myelin sheaths around nerves

Where does it come from?

Our bodies do not produce vitamin B 12. It is obtained by:

  1. Consuming animal products, such as meat, seafood, milk products, poultry and eggs
  2. B12 fortified foods
  3. Supplemental forms

Supplemental Benefits


Sustained mental energy, improved mood, improved mental focus and clarity, improved memory and nerve sheath repair.

  • increased metabolism –> may assist in weight loss
  • energy booster –> with shot providing quick absorption
  • mood boosters –> helps with the occasional “blues”


As for vegetarians who do not eat any meat products, B12 supplementation is imperative.

Age 50+

As we grow older, our body’s ability to absorb nutrients in the GI tract decreases. B12 injections are absorbed directly from the injection site and transported throughout the body by proteins. Vitamin B12 shots can improve symptoms of fatigue, depression and boost cognitive functioning in the elderly.


Athletes supplement with B12 injections to increase exercise performance, improve muscle repair, aid in the ability to participate in balance related sports and optimize oxygen utilization during extreme physical exertion.

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